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We offer bespoke embroidery and printing services for workwear, teamwear, stag/hen parties, golf societies, any branded clothing you require we can source and modify it to your exact requirements.

Charity discounts available.

A Little About Us...

Started in the first Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 we are a Husband and Wife team located in St Helens, Merseyside. What started out as a passion project quickly snowballed in to a full time business and the passion for what we do has only grown with the business.

As you can see below we like to call our work collaborations rather than projects as we really feel we work WITH our customers in going the extra mile to deliver exactly what they want. From past careers we know there is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to some bespoke clothing with your own logo, slogan, etc.. arriving only for it to be not what you were expecting. For every collaboration we will run a couple of samples first and get approval from you before we press ahead with completing your order. While this approach may take very slightly longer, it ensures everything is right and that you are happy with your garments and avoids any unpleasant surprises.

The fact that we are a small team and a relatively new company means we are absolutely focussed on going the extra mile and striving for 100% satisfaction for our collaborators.

If you're happy, we're happy.

We also offer discounts for charities and charity events, it is something we are passionate about and see it as a privilege to be associated with people doing their bit to make the world a better place. 



The Salvage Man Antiques

One of our very first collaborations was a small order of two embroidered polo shirts in different contrasting colours for a sole trader, The Salvage Man Antiques. Needless to say he was more than happy with the results and can be picked from a crowd at antique fairs and markets up and down the country. We love this logo!

DT Landscapes and Property Services

A nice little collaboration and one close to our heart being formerly of the industry ourselves. This embroidered workwear gave our collaborator a professional look he could be proud of while protecting himself from the Great British weather in his bespoke softshell jacket. Rather him than us!


A small selection of the embroidery we have carried out for local clothing brand, ORIGINAL CHARISMA.

A great brand with some great designs, these guys are going places and we're going with them!

We're currently sworn to secrecy on some designs for their Spring/Summer 'GO BOLD OR GO HOME' range as well as their upcoming sport and golf ranges.


Standing Tall Foundation

A collaboration we are truly proud of. An absolute honour and a privilege for us to collaborate with Andy Reid MBE and his Standing Tall Foundation for our very first print order. A local hero in our hometown of St Helens, some of the work that Andy and his charity are responsible for is genuinely inspiring. If you aren't aware of the work they do then please do take a look at them, you will undoubtedly be impressed.


Teardrops Supporting Your Community

An unpaid collaboration with a local St Helens based charity . 

When the work of Teardrops was brought to our attention we couldn't not try and do something to help them out. 

We contacted them to see if there was anything we might be able to provide that would help them out and were told that uniform is one of their biggest cost issues. Following a few rounds of email tennis they said that 50 T-Shirts to help identify their fundraisers at events would be ideal. 

50 T-Shirts it is!

We sourced garments as close to their signature colours as we could and with a bit of design work to their logo to make it really standout from the purple background we set off printing 50 logos and 50 banners for the text donation service for the back of the T-Shirts, and 50 of our own logo which Teardrops very kindly suggested and allowed us to put on the garments.

If you think you might be able to help or just to see the fantastic work they do, please take a look at www.teardrops.org.uk just a fantastic group of people doing some really amazing and admirable work. Hats off to them.

If you would like to donate to Teardrops Supporting Your Community;

Text TEARDROPS5 to 70031 to donate £5

Text TEARDROPS10 to 70039 to donate £10

Text TEARDROPS20 to 70039 to donate £20

Massive thanks and genuine appreciation to Bernard Platt for giving us his time for the photos.


Charity Policy

Our collaboration with Teardrops has inspired this policy.

For every few paid collaborations, and based on income from them, we will undertake a collaboration similar to the above and donate some uniform to a chosen Northwest based charity.

Polos, T-Shirts, embroidery, print, whatever the requirements may be we will work together to try to offer you something free of charge that may be of benefit to your work/organisation.

We have so much respect for people involved in charity work and if we are in a position to help then we feel we should.

Please note we will not commit to a number of collaborations, a number of garments donated or a value of it, we will do our best for you and will base offers purely on income of paid collaborations. We welcome expressions of interest at

[email protected]

We feel it would be unfair to award this to charities based on any sort of merit as the work they all do is admirable in its own way. We will limit expressions of interest to charities based in the Northwest. We will aim to work on a list basis and collaborate in order of contact made.

Contact us for quotes and enquiries

We understand that sometimes you are just testing the water to see how much something MIGHT cost, you don't want to be bombarded with sales patter and spam emails just because you had an idea. We don't go in for all that. If it's a simple enquiry and that's how you want it to stay, then that's fine by us, no pressure, just come back to us when you're ready